Take Action

1. Ask the men in your life if they purchase sex including pornography. If they do, educate them about the realities of the sex industry and how they are perpetuating these systems of inequality and violence. Make sure you also start educating your children about the realities of porn early. If you're not talking to your kids about porn, the porn industry IS talking to them.

2. Contact your local police department and see what they are doing to enforce PCEPA (Protection of Communites and Exploited Persons Act).If they are not doing anything, gather some like-minded people. Through regular contact and community action, let your police know that enforcement and curbing the demand for paid sex is important.

3. Be in touch with your MLA and MP. Ask them what they know about PCEPA (Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act).Share with them that you agree with this law, that they should support it, and that they need to be asking for more money from Ottawa for organizations that are doing direct care for survivors.

Contact Your Member of Parliament

Send a Letter

Write your own letter, or copy and paste one of the following sample letters: